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Thursday, January 31, 2008

The First Post

I have been operating the blog of Run to Lose since last March in my efforts to lost weight. But it was always more than that. It was about unleashing my inner athlete. I have earned a black belt and even ran a school for some time. It was patently embarassing to have fallen into the state of physical disrepair that I had. I can see that I am breaking beyond simple weight loss efforts in my exercise. I have dropped more than 50 pounds and with about 50 to go before my ultimate goal I have a long way to go. However, I will also add that I don't have to worry as much about weight as I once did. With a plan regarding diet and exercise, I am on my way to true fitness.

Looking forward, I want to keep a fitness journal beyond my weight loss efforts. My focus was really geared toward losing weight. I can see that this effort will end and I will need some direction once that is done. I need a direction beyond this weight loss goal. I have come up with - I Dare-. Because in fact I do dare, I dare to take on my own irresponsibilites in becoming quite frankly obese, I dare to take control of my life and put it on a track more to my own liking, I dare to construct a life where fitness is a priority. I can go on but I won't now. It is also a reminder ... What will I dare to do today. It is my challenge to myself. In this regard this year I dare to run a marathon. I will dare to do more I know and I may share some of these as time goes on.

For now I dare to start this blog to continue my efforts beyond weight loss, thanks for looking in on me.