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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Monday, November 2, 2009

A Decent Week

This last week was a pretty good one. I felt stronger each day I ran and was able to cap off the whole thing with a 9.75 mile run. I ran a very hilly course for this long run. It is a bear to say the least. Up, up and up and then down down only to go up, up, up again. I will keep with this course for my long run for the next few weeks as the half marathon is fairly flat and the hill training will help with my endurance. The end result was a 20.55 mile week. That is impressive for me these days. I haven't broken twenty with any regularity as of late and hope to make two in row this week. My long run is slated at 10.5 miles. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Getting into a Groove

It has been hard for me to get into a rhythm when it comes to running. Since I hurt myself last year I have had a lingering calf injury, that turned into a lingering hip injury, that turned into a lingering motivation problem. One thing just led to another and then another. I am ashamed to say that I let myself get derailed. I seem to be back on track now, but it has been a long time coming. I have not run a race in a year. I know a whole year, that is quite some time. The last race I ran was the half marathon at the Philadelphia Marathon last year.

So now I return to the scene of the crime. I believe I have myself sorted out but I have to stay vigilant when it comes to my running. Keeping on schedule can be tough when you have a busy schedule but it is easy to make excuses for yourself. The bottom line is that successful people do not make excuses they get things done. I have to admit my short comings when it has come to my running. It is true that I had some injuries but I could have been more diligent in working through it.

I have noticed over the last month that my ability to push my running has returned. I think I was flat out not working it hard enough. Now I am getting back into the groove, which for the record does not really start until mile 3 or 4. This was when I was ending so I was selling myself a bit short. Running is an endurance sport, to get the most out of it you have to sport your endurance. (I just made that up, but I like the way it sounds). So here is to a PR at the up coming half marathon.

Monday, October 26, 2009

A Couple of Weeks

It has been a couple of weeks since the last post. It doesn't seem that long but I have been super busy trying to promote my business. On the running front I have been getting in 15 or so miles per week. I managed to get in an 8 miler last night even though I was jammed up this weekend. It seems that weekends have turned into times to meet with clients. But that is good thing after all. I feel I am on pace for the half marathon and should be in good condition for the November 22 race. Happy running.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

P90X: D5

Today I went for my little morning run and pulled a muscle in my lower right calf at mile 2 of 4. In the past I would have looked at this as a devastating injury. I mean it hurts and is a bit tender but I know the score on this one. I can't get any speed on it but it will carry me if needed. So I will move my running game indoors until it works itself out. So that means I will be doing 9 miles on the treadmill tomorrow. Not somethin I am looking forward to but I will do it.

On the P90x side I had to do legs and back today. But I had to take it easy on a few of the exercises due to the muscle pull. I did an honest workout and feel wiped out. but I can't sleep for some reason.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Day 4: P90X

Today was the 4th day of P90X and the program called for Yoga. To be truthful, I am not sure if I will ever do this program. I am sure it is a fine program and has a good deal to offer. The down side it is a little over 90 minutes and I am training for a half marathon. I just will never have 90 minutes to dedicate to the cross training. Sorry, just the truth. That said today was a 2 a day. I started the morning with a 3.55 mile run and finished with the Cardio program.

The Cardio program is allegedly the least intense of the workouts. I think I would beg to differ. There are no breaks. it is only 45 minutes where the others are 55 to 57 minutes. The program starts a bit slow with some yoga. But the killer is the end and there is a part where you roll on your back and come back up and jump in the air. I think I threw up a little in my mouth on that one. This is a disgusting truth. But I knew I worked that is for sure.

I am 4 days in with a rough weekend ahead. Between meeting clients and taking care of errands I will have to put in a 4 mile run, a 9 mile run and two p90x workouts. I will report how that goes. I will do my best that is all I can promise.

Finally Back in the Swing Again

The trip to Vegas really put things out of whack for awhile. I think I used it as an excuse to take some time off from doing other things. So my running is off a bit and I had started the P90X before I left and then took a week to get back to it. Well it seems that things are back to normal.

I managed a little 3.55 mile jaunt this morning. Well I think it was 3.55, it usually is when I take that route but my Garmin was quirky today and could not find the satellites until I had about 1.25 miles in. So I am flat out guessing today. That said the freedom was nice. I just able to push myself and didn't worry about what my watch said. It was a good feeling. I think I was fast, I felt fast. Well you know not Jesse Owens fast but fast for a middle aged guy on a Friday morning. So fast enough, fast enough to feel fast.

As for the P90X, I hurt ... everywhere. It is a nasty, nasty sequence. My abs actually quiver the day after the ab workout. I decided to start the clock over as I only had 4 days in before Vegas. So I have done three days, only 87 to go. (phhaa, 87 to go).

Friday, October 2, 2009


I was in Las Vegas over the last weekend and have to give a proper update. I was visiting my brother for a few days which was a nice change of pace. I did manage to run but my routine is all messed up and I hope to get back on track for the weekend.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

P90X: Day 4

I started the P90X workout this last weekend. I have been concerned that I wasn't getting enough cross training for my core and with a half marathon coming up in November I thought it was a good time to mix things up. I have seen the infomercials and did a quick ebay search to see what I could come up with. I managed a very good deal for the product and I would say that in the 4 days I have been doing that it really does work you. So far I have done:

Chest & Back: This is pretty intense chin-up and push-up program the next day I felt so dead.

Pylometrics: This is an hour of jumping. It is hard, really hard. It probably didn't help that I ran 8 miles that morning.

Shoulders and Arms: This is another tough work out much like the first one. It is hard.

Kenpo: Well I train in Kenpo but his is just a little cardio kick program and for me it is light weight. But it does make you break a sweat and that is good thing, any time you can add an hour of sweat to the day is a good thing. I also, ran three miles before I started. I was supposed to do yoga but that is 1.5 hours in length and I really needed to keep on my run schedule.

Overall I feel good and I think that if anyone keeps with this program for 6 days a week for three months they will have great results. I am hoping that two months will give me extra strength and spring for my half marathon.

I am in Vegas starting on Friday, I will let everyone know how it went.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

What a week

This has been a heavy exercise week. The running went well. I was able to run 4 times. I started with a short 3 miler, just a recovery run, on Tuesday. On Thursday, I did some mile repeats for 3.5 miles. Saturday, was a little longer as I was feeling good and managed 4.5 miles. I finished with an 8 miler on Sunday. This gave me a total of 19 miles for the week. This was a great total and I felt pretty good, well aside from being dead at the start of my run on Sunday.

Why was I dead? Well on Friday, I received my P90x kit in the mail. This is a very intense cross training program for those who have not seen the ads. I did the first installment on Saturday as well as having done my martial arts class. When I woke up on Sunday, I was tired to the bone. But I did my 8 miles like a good boy, it just was about a minute off my normal pace. I finished Sunday, with installment two of the P90x and now I am tired from my 5 workouts in two days. Whew!!! I mean it really I do.

I will say this so far about the P90x, it is as hard as you want it to be. Tough stuff if you want it to be. I started this as I was looking to build my muscles before the half marathon in November. Plus, if I can gain some more tone, I would be happy with that as well. I will keep everyone posted.